SPOTLIGHT MUSICALS offers affordable, top quality, easily produced shows that will appeal to audiences of all ages.  These musicals may be successfully performed by children, teens, adults, or a mixed age group.  Each script is a blending of comedy and meaningful drama.  The music is memorable and performable by young people and non-professionals.  All of the scripts have been honed in live performance for maximum artistic and entertainment value.  These are award winning shows that your actors will have fun performing and your audiences will rave about. 

      SPOTLIGHT MUSICALS offers special features and services that represent an innovative approach to theatrical publishing. Our fully orchestrated instrumental CDs are perfect for both rehearsal and performance usage. We also offer customized transposition and free production advice. Give one of our musicals a try and you're sure to fall in love with the humor, beauty, and spirit of a Spotlight Musical.

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 All of the Musicals in this catalogue, both scripts and music, are copyrighted ©2008 Spotlight Musicals